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Q & A


What do I do before a Brazilian wax? 

For the best results we suggest that before your wax you refrain from shaving for about 3 weeks so that hair length is half an inch. If the hair is longer, we suggest that you trim it to a half inch. (This can easily be done sitting backwards on your toilet, trim a finger width from your skin and flush!)

The day of the wax, we suggest arriving post shower so that there is less bacteria on the skin to avoid post irritation. If you are sensitive, a pain killer can be taken to take the edge off. Wear soft comfortable clothing. During the wax, we will ask that you hold your stomach taut and breathe during the tough removals. Post wax, we advise you to avoid wearing underwear so there is less rubbing on the freshly waxed skin.


Also recommended is avoiding swimming, sweating, tanning, or any physical activity that could cause rubbing or irritation to the area. We are comfortable and well-trained to remove hair from the basic bikini area to the entire front to back with skill, speed, and sensitivity for your comfort.

What should I do before my eyebrow wax? 

In this situation, the longer you grow them out, the better. If your eyebrows can grow at least 3 weeks or more, it will provide us more hair to work with to shape them in the best shape for you. There are many factors involved in how we shape your brows from face shape, features, personality, and profession. We'll find the best shape for you!


Afterward, your brows go on an "eyebrow" plan and we will work with you to get them into your dream shape as a team. We will give suggestions on what products you can use to help them look the best.

Depending on how fast your brow hairs grow, we estimate when to return for another shaping. We may also suggest tinting your brows to help them appear fuller.

Should I be nervous to get a facial?

Facials are one of the most relaxing services that we provide. If you have an upcoming event and you have never received a facial, we recommend scheduling for two weeks prior. Sometimes, a slight breakout may occur from the release of toxins from the skin during the facial steaming. Because of the treatment, this usually clears up quite quickly. After the facial, we will recommend products to keep your skin glowing, radiant, relaxed and lifted. Your friends will notice!

Which facial should I choose?

At the Village Browery we offer a complimentary skin care consultation using state of the art technology. Our specialized computer program takes a picture of your skin and analyzes your skin, helping us to recommend the best facial treatment and product protocol to get you the results you deserve. 

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