Facial Treatments 

Your esthetician will conduct a thorough skin consultation by utilizing our dermal analysis machine and help you select the perfect treatment for your needs and preferences.

All of these facials are appropriate for and tailored to your personal skin evaluation results.

Customized Facial | $100

A customized facial that restores and renews your skin with a deeply relaxing massage. It includes cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, steam and a select mask especially for your skin type. 60 min.

Oxygen Express Facial | $60

The original effective oxygen experience. All the benefits when time is short. 45 min.

Oxygen Acne Treatment | $70

This purifying treatment promotes healing and calms and soothes inflamed skin with pure oxygen infusion. 45 min.

Oxygen Facial | $125  | $135 w/ Enzyme Treatment 

This rejuvenating facial invigorates skin with an added bonus of LED ultrasonic vitamin and mineral infusion. Oxygen stimulates healthy cell growth and strengthening the structure of the skin. Includes massage of the face, neck shoulders, scalp, hands and feet.

This facial leaves the skin with a luminous finish. Great for Brides! 90 min.

Age Reverse Lifting Facial | $135

Formulated with an abundance of revolutionary anti-aging ingredients combined in their most effective forms for an ultimate anti-aging and anti-oxidizing corrective treatment. It includes a layering process of the most unique and potent ingredients to make skin instantly appear more youthful, tighter and brighter. 90 min. 

GUA Sha Firming Facial  | $145

Indulge in this ultra chic facial which features the ancient Chinese method of firming and lifting using a gua sha stone or "spoon".

This tool allows us to contour and lift the jawline, cheekbone, and forehead, smoothes texture, and promotes lymphatic drainage.  90 min. 

GUA Sha Treatment | $45

Add this treatment to any of our facials. 15 min.

Luxurious Gold & Caviar Facial | $150

Rich, indulgent and nourishing. This anti-aging powerhouse is ideal pre-event, as a luxurious treat or as part of a regular restorative regimen. Tried-andtrue Old World indulgences and combined with New World innovations to maximize results.  Gentle cleanse with Gold & Caviar infused exfoliation. 90 min.

Add the Anti-Aging Eye Treatment: Stimulates skin’s natural rejuvenation process and encourages

lymphatic drainage with unique acupressure-style cooling massage. $35

Deep Pore Treatment | $95

Excellent for acneic skin conditions. This facial therapy includes an enzyme treatment, steam, extractions, anti-bacterial LED, high-frequency and a soothing mask.  Homecare is recommended for best results.  60 min.

Circadia Oxygen Treatment | $95

The oxygen treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. While lightening properties and vasoconstriction make it perfect for rosacea skin. The end result is clear, luminous, firm healthy skin. 60 min.

Chemical Peel | $100

A variety of chemical peels designed to treat the individuals specific skin concerns.  Pre-analysis is required prior to appointment. 45 - 60 min. 

SWITCH Dermal Rejuvenation | $150

The ultimate anti-aging treatment. A specialized chemical treatment that forces the skin to repair from within without damaging the surface. Multiple treatments yield best results. 60 min.

Back Facial | $95

Designed for all skin concerns of the back. This process is similar to a facial including deep cleaning, exfoliation and a mask. Great for revealing a clean healthy glow on your back & shoulders. 50 min.