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Waxing & Tinting 


Our claim to fame!  The Village Browery aestheticians are tops in delivering smooth and painless results. Please consult with the staff if you are currently using Accutane or Retin-A.  If you are a first time client for eyebrow sculpting please choose the NEW CLIENT EYEBROW service when booking.

Waxing & Tinting

Eyebrow Sculpting/Wax

Eyebrow Sculpting/Wax & Tint

Eyebrow Sculpting/Wax & Upper Lip

Eyebrow Sculpting/Wax, Upper Lip & Tint












Eyebrow Tint (for darker, more defined eyebrows)

Eyelash Tint (to deepen lash color and define eyes)

Beard Tint (to cover gray hairs or alter beard color)

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint


Abdomen Wax Women 

Arm Wax (wrist to shoulder)

Arm Wax Lower (wrist to elbow)

Back Wax (back ONLY) 

Back Wax Extended

(includes a portion of upper arms, neck, and chest area to give a complete look) 

Back Wax Women (covers small of back peach fuzz)

Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax Plus 

Brazilian Wax

Maintenance Brazilian (6 weeks or less than previous wax)

Chest Wax  

Chin Wax  

Foot Wax

Hand Wax  

Full Face Wax (includes eyebrow sculpting)

Lower face wax (includes cheeks, lip and chin)

Leg Wax Lower (ankle to knee/not feet)

Leg Wax Upper (knee to upper thigh/not bikini line)

Neck Wax  

Side of Face 

Underarm Wax

Upper Lip Wax 

Ear Wax


Come experience DERMAFLASH an award winning exfoliation device recommended by dermatologists.  With proven anti-aging benefits, Dermaflash brings out smoother skin, reduces wrinkles by removing the top dead layer of skin cells, and built up debris with the added benefit of "peach fuzz" removal. This helps your skincare absorb and makeup go on better!


















$5 to $15













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